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Ron Canada

Born May 3, 1949 in
as "Cooper"
as "Nelson"
Ted 2 (2015)
as "Judge"
Bob Funk (2009)
as "Smiley"
as "Dr. Wiiliam Ballard"
as "Detective Jensen"
Snowglobe (2007)
as "Antonio"
Islander (2006)
as "T. Hardy"
as "Dr. Walsh"
as "Randolph"
as "Joe Jeanette"
as "Guard Woodruff"
as "Herb Keble"
as "Gabriel Jones"
Clover (1997)
as "Gaten's brother-in-law"
as "Barry"
Lone Star (1996)
as "Otis"
as "Bob Younger, Jack's Boss"
as "Cop in Times Square"
Play Nice (1992)
as "Coroner"
Downtown (1990)
as "Lowell Harris"
as "Lt. Jack Tolliver"
Good to Go (1986)
as ""
as "Barker"
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