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Sara Haden

Born November 17, 1899 in
as "Milly Forrest"
as "Head Guard Darcy"
as "Mrs. Merril"
as "Lula May McManamee"
as "Mrs. Cook"
as "Smitty"
as "Mrs.Katie Dingle"
Roughshod (1949)
as "Ma Wyatt"
as "Mrs. Mary Cooper"
as "Mrs. Jackson"
as "Mildred Cassaway"
as "Milly Forrest"
Mr. Ace (1946)
as "Alma Rhodes"
as "Miss Dill"
as "Tillie Lovejoy"
as "Martha Winthrop"
as "Laura Pitts"
as "Mrs. Bjornson"
as "Milly Forrest"
as "Miss Wynn (uncredited)"
Lost Angel (1943)
as "Rhoda Kitterick"
as "Miss Talbert"
as "Aunt Hattie"
as "Sister Lassie"
as "Second Nurse in Frank Morgan Skit"
as "Milly Forrest"
as "Miss Coulter"
as "Mrs. Justin I. Peacock"
as "Milly Forrest"
as "Matron"
as "Milly Forrest"
Love Crazy (1941)
as "Miss Cecilia Landis"
as "Harriet Harringan"
as "Aunt Letty"
as "Milly Forrest"
as "Miss Matthews"
as "Mrs. Foster"
Hullabaloo (1940)
as "'Sue' Merriweather"
Boom Town (1940)
as "Miss Barnes"
as "Milly Forrest"
as "Milly Forrest"
Remember? (1939)
as "Miss Wilson"
as "Milly Forrest"
as "Miss Brendon"
as "Clara Barton (uncredited)"
as "Milly Forrest"
as "Miss Bennett"
as "Milly Forrest"
as "Milly Forrest"
First Lady (1937)
as "Mrs. Mason"
as "Milly Forrest"
as "Janet Griswald"
as "Mrs. Jennie Nevins"
Reunion (1936)
as "Ellie"
as "Collins"
as "Mrs. Lewis"
Half Angel (1936)
as "Henrietta Hargraves"
as "Agatha Morgan"
as "Mrs. Nancy Ashford"
as "Cordelia Peabody"
as "Aunt Martha"
Mad Love (1935)
as "Marie"
as "Martha"
as "Mrs. Barry"
as "Miss Harrington"
as "Sophie Van Leyden"
as "Winnie Belle"
as "Miss Fisher"
as "Frances Bennett - Gresham's Secretary"
Spitfire (1934)
as "Etta Dawson"
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