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Sarah Edwards

Born October 11, 1881 in
as "Stagecoach Passenger (uncredited)"
as "Mrs. Carp (uncredited)"
as "Mrs. Duffy"
Good News (1947)
as "Miss Pritchard (uncredited)"
as "Mrs. Hatch"
as "Cora (uncredited)"
as "Dolly Finnuccin"
as "Dormitory Matron"
as "Mrs. Watty's Friend"
as "Maude Perry-Tonides"
as "Mrs. Bradley"
as "Mrs. Bradley"
as "Mrs. Hargue"
as "Mrs. Kelly"
as "Doctor's Wife on Train (uncredited)"
as "Mrs. Hansen (uncredited)"
as "Stagecoach Passenger"
as "Housekeeper"
as "Mrs. Weatherwax (uncredited)"
as "Miss Priddle"
as "Customer (uncredited)"
as "Clubwoman"
as "Susanna Hawkins Peabody"
as "Mrs. Burton (uncredited)"
as "Miss Petherby"
as "Showroom Buyer"
Little Men (1940)
as "Landlady"
as "Spinster (Uncredited)"
as "Miss Hodges"
as "Neighbor Girl"
as "Mrs. Stinchfield"
New Moon (1940)
as "Marquise della Rosa"
as "Spinster"
as "Literary Committee Member"
as "Woman Customer"
Remember? (1939)
as "Lady in Revolving Door"
as "Citizens Committee Woman (uncredited)"
as ""
as "Mrs. Minnows"
as "Driver (uncredited)"
Sabotage (1939)
as "(uncredited)"
as "Militant American Tourist"
as "Chaperone at Dance"
as "Florence (uncredited)"
Unmarried (1939)
as "Mrs. Jones"
as "Saleswoman (uncredited)"
as "Annie Rucker"
as "Mrs. Moots"
as ""
as "Chairwoman of Morals Society (uncredited)"
as "Clerk (uncredited)"
as "Party Guest"
as "School Board Member Miss Brundage"
as "Mrs. Snell"
as "Miss Adams (uncredited)"
as "Mrs. Fleming"
as "Party Guest (uncredited)"
as "Mrs. Warden, Fan from New Jersey (uncredited)"
as "Lucy's Attorney's Wife (uncredited)"
as "Mrs. Hinkle"
as "Mrs. Biddle"
as "Mrs. Van Drexel"
as "Miss Collins - School Principal"
as "Evelyn Bottomley"
as "Miss Pinchon"
as "Miss Barton"
as "Mrs. Lizzie Burke-Meyers"
Colleen (1936)
as "First Society Woman (uncredited)"
as "Woman Dancing with Fat Man"
as "Old Maid (uncredited)"
as "Professor Douglas (Uncredited)"
Two-Fisted (1935)
as "Abigail Adams"
as "Mrs. Myron Carey"
as "Dowager in Taxi"
as "Friend of Mrs. Foster (uncredited)"
as "Lucille Weymouth"
as "Mrs. Hughes"
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