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Sammi Cheng

Born uknown in
as "TM"
as "Charlotte Fung"
as "Ho Ka Tung / Goldie"
as "Sr Insp Maureen Szeto Mo Lin"
as "Wang Qiyao"
as "Mrs. To"
as "Restaurant manager (cameo)"
as "Yau"
as "Mary"
as "Carrie Wat"
as "May"
as "Herself"
as "Mary"
as "Mimi Cheng"
as "May Ho"
as "Deborah Fok Siu-Tong"
as "Mini Mo"
Wu Yen (2001)
as "Chung Wu Yen"
as "Summer Koo"
as "Kinki Kwok"
as "Candy Yip Yuk Fan"
as "Yen"
Feel 100% (1996)
as "Cherie"
as "Heidi"
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