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Michael J. Reynolds

Born uknown in
as "Joe Kennedy"
Leap Year (2010)
as "Jerome"
as "Ed Oswald"
Red Mist (2008)
as "Dr. Stegman"
as "Dr. Richardson"
Blessed (2004)
as "Dr. Lehman"
as "Dean"
as "Mr. Escobar"
as "Charles Stewart"
as "Mr. Armstrong"
as "Ghost of Christmas Past"
as "Senator Marks"
as "Judge"
as "General Hadfield"
Net Worth (1995)
as "Clarence Campbell"
as "Jack Aspect"
as "Judge Zagel"
Millennium (1989)
as "Jerry Bannister"
as "Howard Dowd"
as "Monk"
as "Lt. Sly Sullivan"
as "Albert Hooper"
as "Mr. McDowell"
as "Major Stevens"
as "Dr. Lewis"
as "Office Executive"
as "Roger Douglas"
as "Kevin Sullivan"
as "Porter Halstrom"
as "MacKenzie"
as "Heyter"
Plague (1979)
as "Dr. Dave McKay"
as "Rankin"
as "Burt Fields"
as "Helmut"
as "Dr. Hal Hamilton"
as "David"
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