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Lisa Lu

Born January 19, 1927 in
as "Shang Su Yi"
as "Aunt May"
as "Madame Du Ruixue"
as "Qiao Yu'e"
2012 (2009)
as "Grandma Sonam"
as "Mrs. Xiao"
as "Mahjong Partner of Aunt"
as "Self"
as "Wai King Ho's Grandma"
as "Woman Gambler"
as "Mrs. Virgina Hervey"
as "Shi's Mother"
as "An-Mei Hsu"
as "Mrs. Sato"
as "Li Tong's mother"
as "Tzu Hsui"
as "Rose"
Tai-Pan (1986)
as ""
as "Narrator"
Hammett (1982)
as "Miss Cameron's Assistant"
as "Sister Marie"
Saint Jack (1979)
as "Mrs. Yates"
Demon Seed (1977)
as "Soong Yen"
as "Empress Dowager Tsz Hei"
as "Madame Yang"
as "Grand Dame / She Tai Chun"
The Arch (1968)
as "Madame Tung"
as "Ming Kwai"
as "Sue-Mei Hung"
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