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Keith Szarabajka

Born December 2, 1952 in
Reparation (2015)
as "Col. Atreus"
as "Silverback (voice)"
as "Ted Lemont"
Argo (2012)
as "Adam Engell"
as "Laserbeak (voice)"
as "Dr. Kyne (voice)"
as "Gerard Stephens"
as "Diplomatic Spook"
as "Warren Stubbs"
Siringo (1995)
as "Harvey Bates"
Andre (1994)
as "Billy Baker"
as "Terry Pugh"
as "Harlan Williams"
Nightlife (1989)
as "Dr. David Zuckerman"
as "Mickey Kostmayer"
as "Kevin Burley"
Walker (1987)
as "Timothy Crocker"
as "Old Man"
Marie (1985)
as "Kevin McCormack"
as "Tippett"
Protocol (1984)
as "Crowe"
Missing (1982)
as "David Holloway"
Simon (1980)
as "Josh"
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