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Bill Cobbs

Born June 16, 1934 in
as "Malachi"
as "Mr. Charles"
as "Mr Randolph"
as "Paul"
as "Gabriel"
as "Ted"
as "Ted Hamilton"
as "Master Tinker"
Lukewarm (2012)
as "Thomas"
as "Grandfather"
The Tenant (2010)
as "Jack Rymer"
as "Mr. Stewart"
Get Low (2009)
as "Rev. Charlie Jackson"
The Morgue (2008)
as "George"
as "Marvin Jeffries"
as "Reginald"
as "Mr. Theophillis 'Ted' Hamilton"
Hard Luck (2006)
as "Cobb"
Special Ed (2005)
as "Lou"
as "Dr. Daniel Green"
as "Houston Jones"
as "Blues Musician"
as "Dr. Elton Lloyd"
Enough (2002)
as "Jim Toller"
as "Proprietor / Conductor"
as "Marvin"
as "Nurse"
Paulie (1998)
as "Virgil the Janitor"
as "Right Burke"
Air Bud (1997)
as "Arthur Chaney"
as "Del Paxton"
First Kid (1996)
as "Speet"
Nightjohn (1996)
as "Old man"
Ed (1996)
as "Tipton"
as "Henry Griggs"
Fluke (1995)
as "Bert"
as "Pullman Porter"
as "Vernon"
as "Moses"
as "Man in Park"
as "Lewis Coleman"
as "Zachary Lamb - Aged"
as "Bill Devaney"
as "Grandpa Booker"
as "Elijah Crooks"
as "Raggedy Man"
as "Old Man"
as "Gee Pennywell"
as "Detective Reilly"
Bird (1988)
as "Dr. Caulfield"
as "Jesse Johnson"
Suspect (1987)
as "Judge Franklin"
as "Elderly Man in Bar"
as "Orvis"
as "Abraham Wilson"
as "T.T. Williams"
The Hitter (1979)
as "Louisiana Slim"
as "Mr Jones"
as "Man on Platform"
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