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Noah Young

Born February 2, 1887 in
Bum Voyage (1934)
as "Swedish Steward"
as "Traffic Cop (Uncredited)"
as "Auction Shill Knocked Out"
Feet First (1930)
as "Sailor"
as "Patrick Clancy SFPD"
as "Tom"
as "Thunder-Clap Callahan (uncredited)"
as "The Tipton Slasher"
Gun Gospel (1927)
as "Jack Goodshot"
as "Ned Jarvish"
as "Brittle's brother-in-law"
as "Hanzup Harry"
as "Angry Motorist"
as "The Roughneck"
as "Cowboy (uncredited)"
as "Omaha Oscar - Burglar"
as "Policeman"
as "The Apache Dancer's Husband"
as "Man shooting pool"
April Fool (1924)
as "Smith - Assistant Editor"
as ""
as "The Sheriff"
as "Man fixing a tire"
as ""
as "Chief Whattadamat"
as "The Law"
as ""
as "Sheriff of Dabney County"
as "Disgruntled director"
as "Stage Door Jennie"
as "The Rowdy Element"
I Do (1921)
as "The Agitation"
as "Farm Owner"
as "Man who breaks hotel room door (uncredited)"
as "Tiger Lip Tompkins, The Bully, Leader of the Masked Angels"
as "(uncredited)"
as "The Artist"
as "The Prince's tutor"
as ""
as "Conspirator (uncredited)"
as "Big pirate"
as "The Bearcat's Bouncer"
as "Tough Guy"
as "A Suitor"
as "An Actor"
as "Bowery Cafe Waiter (uncredited)"
Ask Father (1919)
as "Large office worker"
as "Train Conductor / The Health Inspector"
as "Cop"
as "Policeman"
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