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Lois Nettleton

Born August 6, 1927 in
as "Rosie Spelman"
as "Maleficent (voice)"
as "Sister Marion"
Butterfly (1982)
as "Belle Morgan"
as "Molly"
as "Louisa Stohler"
as "Ruth"
as "Nan Claybourne"
as "Miriam Rosen"
as "Jennifer Clifton"
as "Linda Lathrop"
as "Mary Justin"
as "Sandra Parker / Sally Porter"
as "Janet Turner"
as "Anne Wilson"
as "Sister Ellen"
as "Prudence Frost (schoolteacher)"
as "Anna Karachev"
as "Annie Boley"
as "Hilda 'Bergie' Bergstrom"
as "Dorothea Bates"
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