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Patrick Malahide

Born Mars 24, 1945 in
as "Magnus Crome"
as "George Wilkins"
Endeavour (2012)
as "Richard Lovell"
as "Major General Bernard Montgomery"
as "Richard"
as "Professor Fisher"
as "Mr. Ryder"
Like Minds (2006)
as "Headmaster"
as "Sir Francis Walsingham"
as "Anders"
Sahara (2005)
as "Ambassador Polidori"
EuroTrip (2004)
as "Arthur Frommer"
Amnesia (2004)
as "D.I. Brennan"
as "Depleach"
as "Dr. Colworth"
as "Sir Myles"
as "Ralston"
as "Colonel Barge"
Quills (2000)
as "Delbené"
as "Principal"
Fortress 2 (2000)
as "Peter Teller"
as "Commissioner Daly"
as "Lachaise"
as "Capt. Claude Howlett"
as "Mr. Lancing"
Heaven (1998)
as "Melrose"
as "Georg Duckwitz"
as "Bertram Lamb, Security Service Director"
as "Timo"
as "Leonid Kleist"
as "Leland Perkins"
as "Ainstee"
Kidnapped (1995)
as "Ebenezer"
Two Deaths (1995)
as "George Bucsan"
as "Inspector Carson"
as "Rev. Edward Casaubon"
as "Dr. Rank"
as ""
as "Mike Mansfield"
as "Reverend Keach"
as "Mark Binney"
as "Morgan"
as "Colin"
as "Parker"
Sweeney 2 (1978)
as "Major Conway"
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