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Agustín Almodóvar

Born uknown in
as "Priest at Seminary"
Julieta (2016)
as "Train Conductor"
as "Controlador"
as "Agustín"
Volver (2006)
as "Hardware Store Employee (uncredited)"
as "Enrique's pool attendant (uncredited)"
as "Cura"
as "Taxi Driver"
High Heels (1991)
as "Cliente tienda de fotos (uncredited)"
as "Farmacéutico"
as "Empleado Inmobiliaria"
as "Abogado"
Matador (1986)
as "Policía"
as "Briefträger"
as "Hombre que pide a Kiti su teléfono"
Salomé (1978)
as ""
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