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Clifton Young

Born September 15, 1917 in
as "Mitch McCall"
as "Bob Ford"
as "Luke Condor"
as "Ross"
Abandoned (1949)
as "Eddie, the bartender"
as "Billy Rafferty"
Whiplash (1948)
as "Thug Guarding Dr. Vincent"
as "Joe Shotten"
as "Homer (uncredited)"
as "Flophouse Bum (uncredited)"
as "Joe Brennan"
as "Reporter (uncredited)"
as "Baker"
as "Charlie (Voice)"
Possessed (1947)
as "Intern"
Pursued (1947)
as "The Sergeant"
as "Policeman arresting Truck Driver"
as "Homer Hotbox / Saloon Gunslinger in Old West Fantasy Sequence"
as "Bonedust"
as "Bonedust"
as "Robert "Bonedust""
as ""
as "Bonedust"
as "Bonedust"
as "Bonedust"
as "Bonedust"
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