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William Edmunds

Born January 1, 1886 in
The Caddy (1953)
as "Caminello"
as "Alex, Janitor (Uncredited)"
as "Don Luis Alvarado"
as "Vittorio"
as "King Hubertus II"
as "Corey (uncredited)"
as "Ingram's Servant Antonio"
as "Uncle Tony Toresca"
as "Mr. Martini"
Swamp Fire (1946)
as "Emile Ledoux"
as "Mr. Whortle"
as "Tomasino - Fisherman"
as "Capt. Saul"
as "Fejos (uncredited)"
The Climax (1944)
as "Leon, Theatre Concierge"
as "Henri Maret"
as "Cart Driver (uncredited)"
as "Soldier #1"
as "Waiter with Information"
as "Elderly Sailor"
as "Plehec"
as "Taxicab Driver (uncredited)"
Casablanca (1942)
as "Second Contact Man at Rick's (uncredited)"
as "Gustav"
as "Prof. Marceau"
as "Hotel Barber"
Knockout (1941)
as "Louis Grinnelli"
as "Proprietor Lucy's"
as "Louie, the Janitor"
as "Tony Mangione"
as "Peón Selling Cocks (uncredited)"
Escape (1940)
as "White Swan Inn Waiter (uncredited)"
as "Ricco, the bartender"
as "Gardener (uncredited)"
as "Professor - Election Official at Gymnasium (uncredited)"
as "Lehman"
Earthbound (1940)
as "Chris"
as "Dock Watchman (uncredited)"
as "Samuel 'The Dutchman' Welker"
as "Waiter"
as "Waiter (uncredited)"
as "Hotel Clerk"
Geronimo (1939)
as "Scout"
as "Mr. Das"
as "Albert"
as "Smiley"
as "Dumptsy"
as "Butler"
as "Gaucho"
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