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Lew Harvey

Born October 6, 1887 in
as "Reporter (Uncredited)"
as "Man Reciting Lord's Prayer (uncredited)"
as "Arkansas Kid"
as "Bennie"
as "Working Man at Theater (Uncredited)"
as "Reporter (uncredited)"
as "Harlan"
as "The Duke (uncredited)"
as "Newspaperman (uncredited)"
Go West (1940)
as "Card Player"
as "Woods - Farraday's Pilot"
as "Reporter at Taxi (uncredited)"
as "Bodyguard"
as "Betting Room Door Guard (uncredited)"
as "Settler at McDowell's Mill"
as "3rd Ex-Con (uncredited)"
as "Truckman (uncredited)"
as "Curley"
as "Guard (uncredited)"
as "Chic - a Gangster"
as "Cab Driver"
as "Mr. Brown - Fulton's Henchman (uncredited)"
as "Truck Driver (uncredited)"
as "Prisoner"
as "Henchman"
as "Court Clerk"
as "Gangster Driving Truck"
as "Gangster Muscling in on Lee (uncredited)"
as "Bill Young"
as "Kell's Henchman"
as "Simmons' Burly (uncredited)"
as "Cascade Club Second Bartender (uncredited)"
as "Roughneck"
as "Local Gangster (uncredited)"
as "Craps Dealer"
as "Mr. Stein's Assistant"
Female (1933)
as "Man Trying to Pick Up Alison (Uncredited)"
as "Photographer at Train (uncredited)"
as "Joe"
as "One of J.B.'s Henchmen (Uncredited)"
as "Driver (uncredited)"
Side Show (1931)
as "Masher"
as "Henchman in 'Number One's' Office (uncredited)"
Big Boy (1930)
as "Doc Wilbur"
as "Chris"
as "Actor in Scene"
as "Joe - One of the Poker Players"
as "Pierre"
as "Will Rogers"
as "Molly's Father Chris Helmer"
as "Shifty Eye"
as "Half-Breed"
as "The Snake"
as ""
Si, Senor (1919)
as ""
as "(uncredited)"
as ""
as ""
as ""
Hey There (1918)
as ""
as ""
as "(uncredited)"
as ""
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